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She’s Dying To Survive!

Posted in Angelique Kidjo,Carlos Santana,Josh Groban,Sade,Starbucks by M on June 21, 2007

Their toxic Paul McCartney promotion is just about over with, but apparently it’s still not safe for me to walk into a Starbucks.

While waiting for my five -dollar Strawberry Quik, I heard a wretched, bogus baritone coming from the store speakers. Then I recognized the lyrics: this was a Sade cover! “There is a woman in Somalia!”—It’s “Pearls”!

And then, to back up this white-boy intercontinental crooning: some Santana-esque guitar!

I busted out in full-on laughter. People stared; it was bad. But it was so ridiculously insulting that I couldn’t believe this cover was actually happening.

Angelique Kidjo

Then I did a search: this cover is from Angelique Kidjo‘s new album Djin Djin, a collection of adult contemporary duets. The offenders on this track were Josh Groban and Carlos Santana himself!

Kidjo is African, so she has enough cred to cover a song about the harsh lives of African women. But Santana is even less evocative of Somalia than Toto is. And Groban is just plain awful.

I can’t understand why anyone would give some smarmy white guy any sort of authority on problems facing the African—oh wait:


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  1. melissa said,

    Wrong. All wrong, and you should not have an opinion on music…because you are…hmm……wrong.

  2. Sydney said,

    If the music is selling and people want to hear it and they are buying it, then how is your opinion in any way true? And if in any way this music is providing aid to Africa (which it is) then again, how is it right to criticize it? I’m sorry. I just don’t understand your meaning, reasoning, or even the point of this article at all. Were you just bored one day?

  3. Deanna said,

    Since you claim to have paid five bucks for your beverage…..and insulted it. My guess is that you never have anything nice to say. I heard this song live by Angelique and Josh. They were amazing. And no Josh doesn’t live in Africa, he does spend quite a bit of time helping children there. The fact that you insulted Carlos Santana….well you just lost all respect from me. It’s ok for him to perform with Rob Thomas..but not Angelique Kidjo? I’m sorry, but you just seem like someone who is never pleased with anything.

  4. Tina Colliton said,

    O.K. You are certainly entitled to your opinion on your thoughts with Africa and the music surrounding it. However, since Angelique Kidjo is from Africa, and is quite known in Africa, if she wanted Carlos Santana and Josh Groban to sing concerning Africa, I would give her enough credibility, not only for directly understanding and relating to the African plight, but for choosing certain musical artists to sing along with her about this topic. Apparently she is not driven by the black-white situation…right?! You are prejudicial in your thoughts and base your assumptions on stereotypes…it is this type of thinking that will not allow change to occur in the world. What Angelique shows is that it doesn’t matter whether you live directly in Africa or whether you share the same racial composition, what matters the most is that you can relate to what takes place in Africa, just because you are a part of the HUMAN race, this is completely independent of nationality or racial identity. That is what she is showing by having others sing on her album Djinn Djinn. I seen Josh Groban in concert with Angelique Kidjo as his opening act, and from what I observed, there didn’t appear to be any separation of thought or hope on the part of those two when it came to supporting Africa or any other country that experiences hardships, which by the way, would be every country on Earth. Furthermore, I seen Angelique Kidjo perform with her band, ummm…separate from Josh Groban, and her presentation and message were the same as what she presented while with Josh Groban. Educate yourself first before you extend an opinion, and educate yourself from all perspectives if you want to draw a valid conclusion.

  5. evie said,

    don’t hate!

  6. lee said,

    Do you have to be a black women to know what is going on in Africa or to help out in that country?? Do you know anything about Josh Groban?
    Have you heard any of his music other than the song Pearls? It might serve you well to google JOSH GROBAN!!!! Learn a little about a person before you start running at the mouth about them.

  7. Grobanite said,

    Ok, two words…Off-base much? Geez man. Do you have a positive bone in your body or a cell in your brain? You have every right to state your opinion, but bashing the BEST cover of a song EVER by three of the greatest artists of all time? Jerk.

  8. Jill said,

    You’re entitled to your opinion about the singing. As far as the issue of Josh Groban and what he knows about the problems Africans face today, you may want to do a bit of research before mouthing off. Obviously Nelson Mandela felt strongly enough about Josh’s knowledge of his country’s problems and his ability and desire to make a difference, that he made him an ambasssador for his Aids Foundation. Some of the contributions from GFC, Josh’s charitable foundation, goes to helping children in Africa as well as here. You may not like his voice, but you cannot assassinate his character; this young man is using his celebrity to help others. Some of the other young celebrities that live in the tabloids should take a lesson from Josh Groban.

  9. ~Suzy said,

    WOW!!! You are way OFF BASE!! You really should research and take a trip to the music store and have a listen. A NON BIASED LISTEN to BOTH Angelique Kidjo and Josh Groban. These 2 people have beautiful souls and giving hearts and were blessed to start charities for children ON TOP of the phenonmanal VOICES they both have. REALLY? SERIOUSLY? I think you should get a clue and know your stuff BEFORE stating something so HORRIFYING first.
    These 2 GEMS are INDESCRIBABLE PEOPLE. I am appalled at the fact that you even wrote this for anyone to read

  10. MCook said,

    Who writes this stuff?! If you don’t like what they are playing, buy your high-priced coffee somewhere else. Angelique and Josh have a GREAT respect for one another; they perform together and separately, each supporting the other’s music and fund-raising efforts, ON BEHALF OF AFRICA. I’m sure Mr. Groban could have done any number of things with his money and fame, but one thing he was passionate about doing, was working to help children in some of Africa’s poorest areas.
    If you don’t like his music–don’t listen. If you don’t know his politics–don’t write about him!

  11. Jeannette said,

    So why do you shop at Starbucks again? If it is so horrible and so overpriced you’re doing it to be because you’re overly intelligent and artsy and don’t care right? Right, and this is how you know so much about music that you couldn’t even recognize Carlos Santana when you heard him (and he has a VERY distinct sound) and instead of letting the lyrics penetrate your heart, which very well me be grinch-sized, you decided to criticize voices you obviously know nothing about since Josh Groban is known for his amazing falsetto and range that also bellows. So, before you get ontop of your over-priced-nestle-quick (as you call it) soap box – walk out of starbucks (which is helping Africa and our own country by selling fair trade this and that and by playing artists that care about and are dedicating their careers to helping Africa) recycle your cup – and find something better to complain about

  12. Jeannette said,

    PS – how DARE you criticize Bono. I don’t even like u2 and he has done AMAZING things through raising awaress for Africa – does this mean Oprah shouldn’t help either because she never livedi n Africa??? At least they are doing good things with their money instead of buying cocaine and putting their hundred dollar bills up their noses.

  13. Tammy said,

    Wow, you really must have been bored as someone has already mentioned. ” I can’t understand why anyone would give some smarmy white guy any sort of authority on problems facing the African”. Please, please, please show me where or when you have EVER seen or heard Josh Groban say that he is an authority on the problems facing Africa. Seems to me that he is just a very caring person that is in a position to help and clearly wants to help.

    You definately need a hobby! Wait, is putting people down your hobby?

  14. Jan said,

    I realize everyone has an opinion – but in your case you obviously have such bad taste that you shouldn’t be allowed one. There should be a big sign on your chest – but wait – people stared at you? Maybe there already is one! I mean anyone so callous who can go to Starbucks for coffee (I’m not knocking Starbucks – I love them!) has no clue what the song even means – only that it was sung by Sade. You need to do your homework before you say anything unkind about anyone – yet alone Angelique Kidjo, Josh Groban or Carlos Santana. They are real people who have hearts that lead them to take action against injustice that they see in the world because they care – not like the sumpin, sumpin artists who say two words and then you don’t hear anything from them until the next big crisis. M, is it? Tell us all what you’re doing to make someone else’s life just a liffte better?

  15. Angela said,

    You’re an idiot. Peroiod.

  16. Mari said,

    I heard Josh Groban and Angelique sing this in concert and it is a truly wonderful song! We need to be kinder to each other, regardless of color.

  17. P.Weaver said,

    Thanks for the Starbucks warning. I’ll steer clear now that you’ve reminded me what self-satisfied tools go there. Get a clue dipshit – Nelson Mandela made Josh Groban an ambassador for his AIDS foundation. Try to get some info before you go public with your idiocy. Friends don’t let friends blog stupid.

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