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Robert Plant 2.0

Posted in Led Zeppelin,Rock by M on June 30, 2007

Forget about that fake Zep Reunion!

Robert Plant

URGH has the next best thing: the exclusive musings of Robert Plant, filtered through the exciting “Web 2.0” website Twitter!

Robert Plant on Twitter, saying 'I said she won't be true, no.  Yeah, no.'

Yes, thanks to modern technology, you can have the peerless, mystic insights of Led Zeppelin all at one address, instant messaged to you, or even sent to your cell phone!

Even if you don’t take advantage of all that the 21st Century has to offer, you have to admit: Plant is at least as amusing and necessary as Fake Steven Wright.

2 Responses to 'Robert Plant 2.0'

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  1. Rosane Amora said,

    And it makes me wonder too!!!

  2. But he needs another world tour.. Before he gets too old.
    What ever happened to that “How can you consider flower power outdated? The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That’s all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated?”
    How come Robert Plant’s outdating it?

    (Just talking about this article above me).

    When I read the letter you wrote me,
    it made me mad mad mad.
    When I read the words that it told me,
    it made me sad sad sad.
    But I still love you so, I can’t let you go!
    I love you.. Oh! Baby I love you, ohh! 🙂

    – Nicole Hagedorn

    P.S. Get the led out.

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