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A Decade of Steely Thom

Posted in Radiohead,Rock by M on July 11, 2007

Radiohead - OK Computer

It’s the tenth anniversary of Radiohead‘s OK Computer, the album that brought sonic weirdness to the MTV audience. That’s right, it’s been ten years since Thom Yorke first called out for the assistance of the Karma Police—and he hasn’t stopped wailing since!

To celebrate this diamond anniversary, hip music sites are celebrating! Hypeful has collected their favorite covers of the album’s songs and created their own OK Computer tribute. Stereogum has taken this a step further, releasing a full-fledged tribute album called OKX. Stereogum’s collection is just a little bit better for one reason: it doesn’t have Howie Day.

And what if you don’t like Radiohead or an assortment of upstarts butchering their venerable work? Just count your blessings; it’s the tenth anniversary of another album, too….

Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill Y'all

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