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Posted in Dance,Jupiter Rising by M on July 31, 2007

Jesse Payo and Spencer Nezey of Jupiter Rising

You know we love our electronic pop here at URGH, but do we love “Electropop”, a single by newcomers Jupiter Rising?

Sadly, I can’t give the song my blessing. As is, “Electropop” shows Jupiter Rising growing into either a less embarrassing Black Eyed Peas outfit or a less talented Nelly/Timba collaboration. They’re going to hit a wall really fast if they continue this way.

Plus their lyrics are painfully stupid.

But there’s hope! “Electropop” is delivered in a singsong, male/female counterpoint rap lifted from Prince’s “Erotic City”. They steal from the best! And I’d rather hear this pair appropriate “Erotic City” instead of The Outhere Brothers for “Boom Boom Boom”.

There’s also a Lenny B remix of “Electropop” that ups the electro! The vocal pas de deux is interrupted by a robot voice that sounds as if Lenny is holding Daft Punk at gunpoint in the studio! Plus the song gets unapologetically crunchy and nasty! I’ve never seen this side of Lenny! It suits him well. I’d like to see him go head to head with Tom Neville (who did brilliant work for Studio B and Khia) and see who can create the crunchiest, most inane pop single.

The Jupiter Rising full length debuts in September. And apparently

“The Bus”, another of Electropop’s standout tracks [is] a showcase for guest rapper Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid, of Kid ‘n’ Play.


Kid 'n' Play

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