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Please Warhammer Don’t Hurt Em

Posted in Rock by M on August 3, 2007

Wait just one second: there’s a band named Warhammer 48K???

One of the band members from Warhammer 48K.  Photo by Lorri Auer

Like the world’s nerdiest RPG?

Nerds playing Warhammer 40K

The one-man violin band called Final Fantasy is just as ill-named, with or without cloud pooing. Final Fantasy isn’t just one of the most popular video game series of all time, it also has a dedicated musical following. There are sellout concerts with full orchestras in Japan and the US featuring music from the games. What this means: Owen Pallet will not be greeted by screaming Japanese girls if he ever plays live at Budokan.

Can we please stop naming our musical projects after the video games we played in childhood? Unless it’s Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom.

2 Responses to 'Please Warhammer Don’t Hurt Em'

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  1. Jim Olsen said,

    Actually, it’s not an RPG.

  2. Barry Blacklock said,

    warhammer 40k is the best. its even than u mother fucker dick yea suck dick while i play the best tabletop game in the world its better than anything fuck you yea man u gay so go suck 10 dicks gay whore yea thats wat i thought warhammer 40k for life !!!!!! wootttttt and btw warhammer is not an rpg its an rts stupid dork haha lolol rofl

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