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Better Down Where It’s Wetter!

Posted in Fatlip,The Chemical Brothers by M on August 11, 2007

Two fish from the video for The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance

Dude, I don’t care how stupid it is. I dig the new Chemical Brothers video!

“The Salmon Dance”! With scenes straight out of The Little Mermaid, the Brothers educate us on the habits of this tasty animal! Fatlip as a rapping fish is even better than Fatlip as a clown! There’s also a beatboxing blowfish! What’s not to like?

Oh, I guess everything that the above Stereogum readers complain about.

Sure, “The Salmon Dance” isn’t much more beyond the same generic electronic beats (along with some unnecessary vocal processing) that the Brothers have been providing for years. But now it’s playful! I can get behind that.

Plus Finding Nemo makes me weep like a baby.

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  1. omar said,

    hahaha, I love your take on the video. It’s seriously fun and entertaining.
    I’m going to the Aquarium place to get me some beatboxing blowfishies! 😀

  2. omar said,

    thanks for deleting my comments,

  3. M said,

    Omar, your comments are wonderful; don’t ever change.

    And you’re totally right about Federline: he’ll never stop breeding!

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