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Do As De La Does

Posted in De La Soul,Hip-Hop,Homeboy Sandman by M on August 19, 2007

Remember last week, when I demonstrated how easy it was for me to be coerced into downloading Gravy Train mp3s?

All it takes is a magic word. Compare someone to an established God of Music, and I’ll come running. Case in point: this flyer.

Homeboy Sandman.  De La Soul would approve!

De La Soul! I’ll do anything they tell me to! Even when they probably don’t even know who this guy is!

So congratulations, Homeboy Sandman! Thanks to your strong, possibly deceptive advertising campaign, I’m off to your web site for what I assume will be smooth, old-school influenced rhymes. Don’t disappoint me!

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  1. sup urgh. cool site. thanks for the pub. i’ma go ahead and third kevjohn2006’s sentiments concerning mos def. peace peace.

  2. M said,

    Thanks Sandman! I’m pissed that YouTube removed that Mos Def video.

    To all other readers: Homeboy Sandman is the real deal; the tracks on his website are hot, his flow is perfect, and his rhymes are clever. Personal favorite: “I don’t mind even dipping in the PMS mess.”

    And even though we can’t watch Ms. Fat Booty anymore, we can watch Sandman on SpitYourBestVerse.com. Enjoy it!

  3. As if plastering the MTA underground with posters for his website… Homeboy out does his self with the new “Itunes Song’ …


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