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I Love You Anousheh Khalili!

Posted in Anousheh Khalili,Deep Dish by M on December 20, 2005

You already know I was unimpressed with Deep Dish‘s new album. But I’ve enjoyed many of the tracks individually, especially the second single, “Say Hello”.

Especially now that I know that the vocalist is totally hot.

That vocalist is one Ms. Anousheh Khalili, a Virginia-based singer-songwriter. Her original version of “Say Hello” was delicious, and when she and the boys sprinkled some Paul van Dyk on top I fell head over heels in love.

Her record label has selected tracks from her solo album: here are “Submarines” and “Parachutes”, for your downloading pleasure.

Anousheh’s a killer vocalist—all she has to do is learn to yodel and she’ll put Dolores O’Riodan out of business. But more importantly, these are some well-built songs. Nobody praises singer-songwriters for “good structure”—regardless of how vital it is to a songwriter. And Anousheh’s work is quality.

And OMG kids: she’s on MySpace!

You know what that means; she’s totally blogrolled.

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