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Posted in Beastie Boys,Rock by M on May 20, 2007

Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up

Sorry lovely people! There’s nothing exciting about the upcoming Beastie Boys instrumental album The Mix-Up.

Stereogum gives us two videos from the album. Neither are anything special. Where’s the adventure, boys?

These laid back noodle jams are one of the unfortunate side effects of the California Cool the Beasties absorbed around the time of Paul’s Boutique. Their early West Coast experiences informed their videos and expanded their constellation of sample-able materials. Unfortunately, they also made it possible for bands like 311 to exist.

When is that band going to have an instrumental album?

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They Can Take Out Adam Horovitz!

Posted in Beastie Boys,Hip-Hop,Rock by M on August 19, 2006

Adam Horovitz and Kathleen Hanna

Who can take out Ad-Rock? Nobody but his punk rock beau, Bikini Kill/Le Tigre semi-superstar Kathleen Hanna.

And where was this photo snapped? At a Broadway opening night afterparty? Um, that’s so not punk rock. It’s not Beastie, either. It isn’t even Free Tibet….

When rock stars go lame, it totally creeps me out. This is just like when Sasha Frere-Jones called Kim Deal “thickened with age”.

The truth hurts!