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Destiny’s Child vs Bronski Beat

Posted in Bronski Beat,Destiny's Child,Pop by M on April 14, 2007

More mashups!

Destiny's Child Say My Name CD single

“Turntablism” expert JayBee! has combined the sounds of turn-of-the-century Destiny’s Child hit “Say My Name” with the 80s deliciousness of Bronski Beat‘s “Small Town Boy”.

I thought it would be unnecessary at first. Aren’t most mashups created from old and new songs? This is old and…not as old. It doesn’t matter, though, because JayBee knows how to make this work!

“Small Town Boy” is as intense and addictive as always, but “Say My Name” feels less monotonous under JayBee’s control. He plucks the harmony instead of the melody of the chorus, making the DC track far less abrasive. Beyonce tastes better with a spoonful of the 80s!

In addition to the track on his MySpace page, there’s also a fan-created video mashup! Somebody hire JayBee! He’s already got fans!

Bronski Repeat!

More 80s!

Jimmy Somerville in concert.  Photo by Michael Weiner

This time it’s a group called Blue Ray mixing together the vocals of Jimmy Somerville from Bronski Beat‘s “Why” with the famous introduction to Yazoo‘s “Situation”. They call the result “You & Me”.

The main mix alone isn’t all that great. Somerville’s repeated “You and me together fighting for our love!” only takes you so far; this isn’t much more than a mash-up. Besides, Axwell and Steve Angello took on “Why” last spring (combining it with “Small Town Boy”) to better effect.

Luckily the remixes for “You & Me” are top-notch. You already know about my love for Haji & Emanuel; awesome as always, their solution for an unremarkable track is…add more bass! And it works!

The best remix could possibly be the Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix. It is hilariously over the top. Hayes ignores “Situation” and lays down the most serious trance chord progressions making it sound like your life depends on Somerville hitting his high notes. It’s a ballsy move, but then again, Bronski Beat was never a tongue-in-cheek band. Good work, Kenny!

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