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Posted in Christina Milian,Dance by M on April 18, 2006

Here at URGH!, we’ve discovered a serious case of:


Christina Milian in the video for Say I.

The perp? One Christina Milian with her single “Say I”.

The two remixes of the song are the “Hani Say I Extended Mix” and the “Maurice Say Mo Remix.” Both use the same filtered sample from Jackie Moore’s “Sweet Charlie Babe” (and I wouldn’t have know that without Monsters and Critics.) And that sample can do no harm.

I knew Milian was Disney, but I could have sworn that she was listenable in the past. Isn’t she twentysomething now? So why does she still sound like Hanson? Christina’s not just screeching on “Say I,” she’s making Fergie look mature.

Oh, PS: this song is “featuring Young Jeezy.” Whoever this ridiculously-named rapper is must be surprised to find himself excised from both remixes.

Meanwhile pop music blog Oxygen Chunks has the video, which I should have known is more straight up R&B, though it still uses the Jackie Moore sample.

Jackie, sweet Jackie! The moral of this story: if you have a hot sample, you have to respect it. Even professional dance-meisters like Hani can’t save you if you’re going to “SAY AIAIAIAI!” all over it.

For a wildly inaccurate second opinion, here’s requestlyrics.com user “most_WantEd”:

Re: Christina Millian’s new song
Posted by: most_WantED (IP Logged)
Date: March 20, 2006 09:23PM

im not sure but if i could guess id say it samples that gloria estefan song turn the beat around i think thats what its called i dont know my mom like her lol

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