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I Keep My Visions To Myself!

Posted in Deep Dish,Rock,Stevie Nicks by M on April 6, 2007

Stevie Nicks on the cover of Crystal Visions

I spent a whole summer trying to put together the perfect Fleetwood Mac compilation—none of the real “Bests Of” are best enough! Luckily, I don’t have to do the same with solo Stevie Nicks, because her new compilation “Crystal Visions” has all I need.

This is 80s Rockin’ Stevie! “Edge of Seventeen”! “Stand Back”! That Tom Petty one! And a live version of “Edge of Seventeen” from that concert with Randy Rhoads where she bites the head off a white-winged dove! This is what I want, the high buzz of Stevie’s music, instead of her drug-sloshed lows! Yeah!

I was surprised to find myself impressed with the unfamiliar songs, like the could-be-Tiffany “I Can’t Wait”. Why do so many of Nicks’s solo songs seem to be about teen angst? Wasn’t she pushing 40 when recording them?

The album’s one genuine Fleetwood track, “Silver Springs”, is an often overlooked gem and an excellent selection. While it doesn’t make it onto Fleetwood Mac compilations or airplay all that often, hearing it on a Stevie Nicks compilation really highlights how distinct she is solo. It also confirms a Fleetwoodism I’ve long suspected: their songs are sometimes wretched—until they start rocking at the end! That makes me hate them less than I should!

But after “Silver Springs” we get fake Fleetwood! Crystal Visions serves up the monotonous Deep Dish version of “Dreams” and some live, Judy Garland-slurred version of “Rhiannon” that don’t make good selections anywhere.

After that I ejected the CD. Even though Crystal Visions was only half over. That’s OK; I get to pretend Crystal Visions is a good CD and Don Henley gets to pretend I listened to his contribution. Smiles for everyone!

Or I could just buy a used copy of Timespace and get her hits without the Deep Dish covers or live nonsense. Whatever….

I Love You Anousheh Khalili!

Posted in Anousheh Khalili,Deep Dish by M on December 20, 2005

You already know I was unimpressed with Deep Dish‘s new album. But I’ve enjoyed many of the tracks individually, especially the second single, “Say Hello”.

Especially now that I know that the vocalist is totally hot.

That vocalist is one Ms. Anousheh Khalili, a Virginia-based singer-songwriter. Her original version of “Say Hello” was delicious, and when she and the boys sprinkled some Paul van Dyk on top I fell head over heels in love.

Her record label has selected tracks from her solo album: here are “Submarines” and “Parachutes”, for your downloading pleasure.

Anousheh’s a killer vocalist—all she has to do is learn to yodel and she’ll put Dolores O’Riodan out of business. But more importantly, these are some well-built songs. Nobody praises singer-songwriters for “good structure”—regardless of how vital it is to a songwriter. And Anousheh’s work is quality.

And OMG kids: she’s on MySpace!

You know what that means; she’s totally blogrolled.

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Never Let Him Touch My Heart

Posted in Dance,Deep Dish by M on November 3, 2005

You remember my bitchslap of the album version of “Flashdance” by Deep Dish? Let me elaborate.

I have transcribed the buffoonish, pointless introduction that delays anything we might enjoy about our remake of Shandi’s “He’s A Dream” (off the Flashdance movie soundtrack, hence Deep Dish’s title). This thirty second intro—along with an extra minute and a half of guitar riff the single lacks—bloats “Flashdance” into something really unpleasant. Deep Dish is to blame, but so is whoever said this:

Hey Mac, it’s Rob from Strawberries.

Listen, remember that track you played—you probably don’t—but you played it at, uh, at Helsinki in Canada and I did the air guitar to it.

I finally heard it on your CD man, it’s wicked. I want to know what the name of, uh, the track because—

It’s one of your MP3s and I can’t fast-forward it in my CD player. So it’s stuck and I got to listen to it until the fifty-minute mark.

So anyways if you can, uh, e-mail it to me and actually (unintelligible) buddy

I gave you, uh, a couple of codes (?) yesterday with, um, Danielle so…

This is the track so why don’t you take care?

George Is On Crack

Posted in Dance,Deep Dish,Music Reviews by M on September 27, 2005

Hey, you know that new(ish) Deep Dish album? The one with the duo pretending they’re Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller on the cover? Well it sucks!

None of the songs on George is On are terrible, but they’re all way too long and not nearly interesting enough.

So it’s time for some CD doctoring. Let’s prune this bush and get us a listenable CD. Just follow these directions:

  1. Play the European first track, “Floating”.
  2. Play track 2, “Sacramento”.
  3. Skip tracks 3-5. Seriously. Oh, you like “Flashdance”? Do you like stupid intros with bad Canadian accents? Flashdance is out!
  4. Play track 6, “Everybody’s Wearing My Head”.
  5. Skip “Say Hello.” The original is nowhere near as good as the Paul van Dyk remix.
  6. On second thought, add in the Paul van Dyk remix.
  7. Skip the Nicks.
  8. Man, “Dub Shepherd” is just that Armand Van Helden song “Entra Mi Casa”. Play that instead!
  9. Keep tracks 10-14, including the European “Bagels” and extended “No Stopping for Nicotine.” None of these songs are very good. Unless you’re stoned!
  10. Get stoned.

Let’s look at the results:

Deep Dish - George Is On

Great! Now it’s the bt album nobody wanted!