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Speak and Smell

Posted in Depeche Mode,iTunes by M on May 24, 2006

Bonus Depeche!

I didn’t even realize until now how I rated DM’s “Speak and Spell” in iTunes until now:

The Depeche Mode album Speak and Spell in iTunes, with every track rated only one star, except for the four-star Just Can't Get Enough.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

John The Retardator

Posted in Depeche Mode,Music Reviews by M on May 24, 2006

No offense, but sometimes Depeche Mode has some pretty stupid lyrics. Case in point, their new single “John the Revelator”.

The first two verses get off to a bad start:

John the Revelator
Put him in an elevator!

John the Revelator
he’s a smooth operator!

Speaking of smooth operators, Sade used some dead-dumb lyrics as well. Unless her audience really does require streetcar desire.

After these Playskool lyrics, DM go into a round of “Who’s that shouting? John the Revelator!” They’ve done call-and-response before. (“It’s a lot, it’s a lot, it’s a lot, it’s a lot….”) But this is approaching Van Halen level of band-wide vocal activity. When do Martin and the gang join Dave Gahan in pronouncing, “thought you’d never miss me till I got a Fat City address!”?

“John the Revelator is still a solid song, and there are even lyrical bright spots. I dig the the numerology of “Seven lies multiplied by seven multiplied by seven again.”

And it’s nice to see the website showcase DM’s sense of humor.

The Depeche Mode Store.  Pain and suffering in various sizes.

I LOLed.

A Pain That I’m Abused To

Posted in Depeche Mode,Goldfrapp,Music Reviews by M on December 5, 2005

Oh, Jesus! This Depeche Mode remix by Bitstreamis terrible! It’s just boops and beeps! What could be worse than this?

A screenshot of iTunes playing A Pain That I'm Used To (Goldfrapp Remix) by Depeche Mode

Aw, hell! More Goldcrap!

It’s worse than it looks. Not only does Alison filter Dave Gahan’s voice through a robot vocoder, but she overdubs her own harmony, making this the Gahan/Goldfrapp duet you never wanted to hear!

Please kill me!

Bonus Masochism: Fast forward to the time pictured above to hear what sounds like Beck throwing up!

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Scooter vs Depeche

Posted in Dance,Depeche Mode,Music Reviews,Scooter by M on October 16, 2005

HP Baxxter from Scooter vs The angel from Depeche Mode's Precious single

Scooter, now celebrating their eleventh year of goofy techno cover tunes, has a pretty catchy single in “Hello! (Good To Be Back)”. In fact I though the chanting male chorus wouldn’t be out of place on an album by the twice-as-old Depeche Mode.

But who is really being sampled by Scooter? Read the fine print:

Music and lyrics by Glitter, Leander

Yikes! It’s Gary Glitter!

So be careful. There’s only a thin line of good taste separating “Personal Jesus” from “Rock and Roll Part 2”.

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