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Kabuki Donna Summer Rules!

Posted in Donna Summer,Music Reviews,Pop by M on December 18, 2005

While the current favorite song at URGH headquarters is “Bliss” by the run-on sentence of Alan Braxe & Fred Falke & Savage, current favorite album is going to Miss Donna Summer‘s Another Place And Time!

Donna Summer - Another Place And Time

Maybe y’all knew about this one, but my mental history of Donna Summer has a big gap between “She Works Hard For The Money” and VH1 Divas Live. I even have Donna Summer Gold—which has three songs from Another Place And Time—but never listened to the tracks.

It wasn’t until I randomly saw the video for “This Time I Know It’s For Real” a few weeks ago that I got turned on. It’s totally Rick Astley! Indeed, Donna even uses Rick Astley’s production team (Stock Aitken Waterman) for the album.

I even had a problem with the album for Bad Girls, even thought it’s really well made, I hated the way Donna kept switching genres from disco to pop to Dolly Parton-esque ballads like “Dim All The Lights.” On Another Place And Time it’s late 80s pop all the way through and it works so well.

Read these Amazon reviewers for more information, but take my word for it: this is terrific stuff.

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