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What Not To Do in the Wake of the Oink Shutdown.

Posted in Downloads,oink by M on October 23, 2007

Don’t send e-mails like this to the police:

info@ifpi.org. From: musicwar at gmail.com. Subject: Oink. Text: Dude, you guys are killing my ratio. M

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Kylie X!

Posted in Dance,Downloads,Kylie Minogue,Minogue by M on July 25, 2007

Kylie Minogue on the cover of the Kylie X bootleg.

Get yourself to your favorite illegal download site, stat! Because Kylie Minogue has some astounding new tracks!

The bootleg leak calls itself Kylie X, and is filled with possibly forthcoming material from the celebrated pop star. I’m one of the few people who thought Body Language was Kylie’s strongest album, no matter how distant and pop-single-unfriendly it seemed at the time. Every track was lush, wonderful, and knew its musical history, all while diving deeper into the waters of electronic pop.

Kylie X—which combines an EP’s worth of new music with live tracks and remixes—showcases a post-cancer Kylie that has taken all of her Body Language lessons to heart, turning up the volume and impact on all of them. I was impressed with every track. The movement in every song is perfectly crafted; Minogue is accurate to the second in knowing when to hold back and when to release a full force of pop energy!

This was a very welcome leak, and it guarantees great things in the future from Ms. Minogue. I will eagerly await the future full length.

Ronny’s Music

Posted in Downloads,iTunes by M on April 29, 2007

So if Chan Marshall at Wal-Mart represents a thread to indie rock, what does it mean when Audioslave shows up in my iTunes?

Don’t blame me; blame my next-door neighbor: “Ronny” is leeching my wireless Internet! Ever since he made himself a part of my local network, “Ronny’s shared Limewire music” has appeared as an all-new iTunes playlist.

And it’s alllllllllll crap.

Take a gander at his playlist in all its glory, then come back here. If you ever doubt that you have good taste in music, print out this picture and tape it to your wall. Look to it as a daily affirmation: you do not live in an arid, classic rock wasteland.

I’m also glad my iTunes library is carefully maintained. I don’t blame Ronny for the misspellings, the mislabeling, even the dubious formatting of the word “Rock and Roll.” This is all Limewire, after all; the music comes to him as garbage. Still, I look at what’s there and I cringe. Ronny, doesn’t this sloppy information bother you? Doesn’t this music?

We’ve all seen Cat Stevens credited for this Harry Chapin tune:

Cat Stevens being credited for Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle

But I never made this connection between the Doobie Brothers and Dobie Gray. I guess all it takes is an extra “o”:

The Doobie Brothers credited for Dobie Gray's Drift Away

Then there are the misspellings. I do hold out hope for the tape deck. And the Creedence!

Creedence Clearwater Revival credited as Credence

And sweet Jesus, Sinead O’Connor‘s name is spelled differently within the same track! It requires hard work to make things that bad!

Sinead O'Connor credited as Sinead O'Conner

Lynyrd Skynyrd credited as Lynard Skynard

Same thing with Skynyrd. But it gets worse:

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird on the Meet Joe Black soundtrack

Ronny’s version of “Free Bird” is off of the Meet Joe Black soundtrack! Seriously? Did Anthony Hopkins pull off some whammin’ air guitar in that movie?

Only Ronny knows. Too bad he’s getting kicked off the network. Come on, the guy has a White Lion album!

Fuck Bitches Dick! Shit!

Posted in Downloads,Hip-Hop,NWA by M on April 29, 2006

Yeah, maybe you listened to it a year ago, but so what? Do what Binky the Doormat says and download NWA‘s Straight Outta Compton: Explicit Content Only.

And I totally agree with JW from Pop Cesspool: Easy E’s swearing is sublime.

Eazy E probably used the word “dick” better than anyone else before him or since. It came out of his mouth like a crossbow bolt.

And the track in question: “Parental Discretion Iz Advised”, is now my ringtone! We’ll see how long that lasts.

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Tits Are Not For Listening

Posted in Downloads,Pop by M on January 23, 2006

I started downloading this…because she’s got nice tits. Then I thought, “this isn’t a video…wtf am I doing.”

So…bring on the video plz.

A Bittorrent user downloading the single for Lindsay Lohan‘s “Confessions Of A Broken Heart”.

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Schiller As A Second Language

Posted in Dance,Downloads,Music Reviews,Schiller by M on October 27, 2005

Illegal downloading pays off again!

Jette von Roth and Schiller

You can’t buy Schiller’s new album Tag und Nacht until tomorrow! And even then you have to be in Germany! I only got a hold of “I Feel You” from Schiller’s last album three months ago; it might take years for a legit “Day and Night” to hit our shores. As Americans it’s your patriotic duty to steal this music.

I haven’t yet heard the whole album; the standout track so far is “What’s Coming” with vocalist Jette von Roth. Her lusciously blissed out vocal style is very close to Tiff Lacey’s in songs like ATB’s “Ecstasy”.

Von Roth has a zonky advantage over Lacey, though: she’s a non-native English speaker! Like any good trance song, “What’s Coming” is filled with nonsense lyrics that don’t fit the melody; add von Roth’s vocals and the trippy gets even trippier. Good work!

I love you Schiller!

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Trance Masters

Posted in Dance,Downloads by M on October 15, 2005

I stand in the shallow end of the deep ocean of trance music, but one of my favorite downloads is an unmixed compilation album called Trance Masters. It features name brand artists (Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, and my sentimental favorites, Three Drives on a Vinyl) and quite a few crossover hits.

But what I did not know is that the download I have is just disc one of a three disc compilation. Wow!

It’s an import, but at $20 for three discs the price is right. This is just the latest example of copyright violation paying off for everybody.

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