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Gabriel & … Kansas?

Posted in Dance,Gabriel and Dresden,Music Reviews by M on April 4, 2007

Gabriel & Dresden

Sadly, not all dance covers of decades-old pop songs can be winners. Case in point: Gabriel & Dresden‘s cover of “Dust In The Wind”.

That’s right, the undying Kansas chestnut—the second song you learned to play on the guitar (the first was “Ziggy Stardust”)—is now a lugubrious dance single!

Part of the problem is that vocalist Molly Bancroft has no rock passion. She doesn’t have white boy soul; she just sounds tired.

G&D didn’t do themselves any favors by slowing things down either. Case in point: you may have seen the Alanis Morrisette cover of “My Humps.” Alanis slows down the Black Eyed Peas hit a lot, but she fills the space she creates with her quirked-out “Alanis-ness.” It never feels empty, and some of it is genuinely haunting. Bancroft’s vocals don’t have the same effect, and Gabriel & Dresden’s instrumentation might as well have cartoon tumbleweeds strolling through.

Better luck next time, guys! I hope this isn’t only because I made fun of your “pirate ships and fairy tales” lyric in “Tracking Treasure Down”. My bad!


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