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And I’m A Microphone Junkie!

Posted in Dance,Ferry Corsten,Gang Starr,Guru,Hip-Hop by M on October 1, 2006

Guru from Gang Starr in concert.  Photo by marflixone.

I like Ferry Corsten! And I really like the raspy rhymes of Guru from Gang Starr!

But I never imagined them as two great tastes that taste great together. Maybe they aren’t. The two recently crossed paths for Corsten’s new single “Junk”. The results are decent, but neither artist is at the top of his game. I imagine the recording sessions went something like this:

Guru: Hey, Ferry! We spent a week in the studio recording my vocals, but you stripped them down to one line. I’d like people to know I did more than just say “Funky, and I’m a microphone junkie,” over and over again.

Corsten: Don’t worry, Guru! That was just the Flash Over Mix. Your vocals are intact on the radio edit. Listen!

So it’s gonna get ugly.
I’m feelin’ like nobody loves me.

You better curb your behavior.
Or I’ma have to dig your ass later.

Not jealous but scared though.
This time I’m well prepared, yo.

Guru: Uh, on second thought, I’m fine with just “funky”…