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Unsound System

Posted in LCD Soundsystem,Music Reviews,Pop by M on March 8, 2007

Oh, LCD Soundsystem, I know you’ve pissed me off in the past. “Daft Punk Is Playing In My House” was not playing in my house, nor were your other works. From your self-titled album, only “On Repeat” charmed me to any extent. It made for good jogging music.

But I can’t stay mad. As far as I can tell your realsoonnow album Sound of Silver is more of the same sparse, repetitive instrumentation paired with Beck-with-a-headcold vocals. The lead-off single “North American Scum” is the very definition of retread. But it’s not so offensive.

The song builds very well into a neato guitar riff that stays crunchy even in milk. Vocals are a mixed bag: James Murphy tries out some falsettos like he’s been reading The Darkness for Dummies (not so hot), but he brings in a female vocalist to shout out “NORTH AMERICA!” like she’s Kim and Cindy from The B-52s (always hot).

Give it a spin, kids! I’m hoping that LCD Soundsystem becomes (to me) like Cake: a band with a unique sound that I can respect even if I don’t listen to them all the time.

Oh, but Mr. Soundsystem? If the rest of Sound of Silver sucks, we’re so breaking up.