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Feisty Fans!

Posted in Feist,Metric,Rock by M on July 25, 2007

Feist - The Reminder

Ben Marwood of the website Drowned in Sound makes the big mistake!

More people than I expected went mentally crazy-bonkers for Leslie Feist’s latest album, The Reminder, but despite my best efforts to like it, it just sounded to me like the same song over and over.

It’s true! A few weeks ago you couldn’t get close to Feist’s new album without jumping into a raging waterfall of saliva pouring from the mouths of her eager fans. I’m only a thirty-second-snippet listener of The Reminder. What I heard was acceptable, but it won’t cure cancer.

I’ll repeat: Feist can’t cure cancer. That was a dangerous statement a few weeks ago—fans were just that blindly devoted, melting down copies of the album and ingesting them as a miracle remedy. Any suggestion that it was just good music was unacceptable.

Why do we need an “it-girl” in music, anyway? I understand the appeal of celebrity, but the amount of effort being put into this constellation of female musicianship (with Bjork at the center of the universe) is ever so slightly demeaning and really does take away from the music.

Now, of course, The Village Voice is trying to make us believe the new it-girl is M.I.A.. Pass.

Anyway, the Cult of Feist is still strong enough to arrive, claws-out, for a a battle in the comments:

ANGRY FAN: Are you really saying that “My Moon My Man”, “The Water”, and “Honey Honey” all sound the same?

MARWOOD: I wouldn’t know song titles. I listened to it three times and swapped it for Live It Out.

Yeah, Metric beats Feist! Why is it I have a problem with genuinely overdedicated fans, but not with blatantly manufactured Canadian indie rock chick rivalries? I suppose I just prefer violence to saliva.