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Kylie X!

Posted in Dance,Downloads,Kylie Minogue,Minogue by M on July 25, 2007

Kylie Minogue on the cover of the Kylie X bootleg.

Get yourself to your favorite illegal download site, stat! Because Kylie Minogue has some astounding new tracks!

The bootleg leak calls itself Kylie X, and is filled with possibly forthcoming material from the celebrated pop star. I’m one of the few people who thought Body Language was Kylie’s strongest album, no matter how distant and pop-single-unfriendly it seemed at the time. Every track was lush, wonderful, and knew its musical history, all while diving deeper into the waters of electronic pop.

Kylie X—which combines an EP’s worth of new music with live tracks and remixes—showcases a post-cancer Kylie that has taken all of her Body Language lessons to heart, turning up the volume and impact on all of them. I was impressed with every track. The movement in every song is perfectly crafted; Minogue is accurate to the second in knowing when to hold back and when to release a full force of pop energy!

This was a very welcome leak, and it guarantees great things in the future from Ms. Minogue. I will eagerly await the future full length.

You Slowly Drive Me Crazy

Posted in Dance,Minogue by M on February 20, 2006

I’ve recently encountered the song “Kylie” by Akcent. I think Pop Justice can tell you everything you need to know about this inane tune, a tribute of sorts to Kylie Minogue from a band that seems to have listened to only one of her songs in the last 18 years.

What really got me upset is that I first assumed this was going to be a cover of “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister! Lord have mercy!

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Sunglasses At Night

Posted in Dance,Minogue,Rachel Stevens by M on November 6, 2005

Doesn’t this look familiar?

Rachel Stevens - I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)

I think Rachel Stevens and Dannii Minogue ought to have a conversation with their mutual art director. He’s not earning his salary.

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Dannii: Mashed Up Again

Posted in Dance,Minogue,Music Reviews by M on September 19, 2005

The cover to Dannii Minogue's Perfection CD Single

Dannii Minogue, what’s with “Perfection (Turn Me Upside Down)”? You and the Soul Seekers are making Vicki Sue Robinson’s string section do all the heavy lifting.

Dannii, I don’t think I can trust you with these mash-ups. Let’s look at your track record:

  • “I Begin To Wonder (Dead or Alive Remix)”: Dannii, I can watch the regular video for this song and see you slink around in a dress. Or I can listen to “You Spin Me Round” and see Pete Burns slink around in a dress. I don’t need to do both.
  • “Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove”: Yeah, way to take on Madonna! This seems to be the secret: keep the Madonna music, lose the Material Girl’s vocals. Harvey Milk’s “Hollywood Express” found this out the hard way.
  • “Perfection”: It’s no “Turn The Beat Around.” Oh wait, it is. At least it’s less pointless than Gloria Estefan’s contribution to “The Specialist”.

However, your new single does have a Seamus Haji remix, and that man can do no wrong. So you’re forgiven.

Seamus Haji!