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Thicke as a Brick

Posted in Pop,Robin Thicke by M on March 2, 2007

A publicity photo of Robin Thicke

While listening to Sophie B. Hawkins and Googling the phrase “totally nineties”, I came across the musical stylings of Robin Thicke!

Commenting on his video “Lost Without U”, Beanorama at So Unpretty described Thicke as a failed “mix of Chris Isaak and Justin Timberlake.” Commenters reveal the horrible truth: he’s Alan Thicke‘s son! The Growing Pains papa has his own unholy music career. Like father, like son. I just wish Thicke Jr. didn’t spell his song titles like Prince.

But what’s really important is the music. It’s inoffensive enough, until you realize how dead-dumb-stupid it’s made. Faux-Spanish guitars lose their smooth when you put them next to a freaking harp! Robin, it’s all overkill! Combine this with lyrics like “You don’t want this guy, you don’t want that guy.”

The biggest surprise: we can blame all of this on Pharrell.

Beanorama leaves us with one more comment on the video:

And I thought, no way would this douche be with a girl that hot. Then I did some research, and realized, it’s his real-life wife.

Robin Thicke and his wife in the video Lost Without U

So unfair!