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I Keep My Visions To Myself!

Posted in Deep Dish,Rock,Stevie Nicks by M on April 6, 2007

Stevie Nicks on the cover of Crystal Visions

I spent a whole summer trying to put together the perfect Fleetwood Mac compilation—none of the real “Bests Of” are best enough! Luckily, I don’t have to do the same with solo Stevie Nicks, because her new compilation “Crystal Visions” has all I need.

This is 80s Rockin’ Stevie! “Edge of Seventeen”! “Stand Back”! That Tom Petty one! And a live version of “Edge of Seventeen” from that concert with Randy Rhoads where she bites the head off a white-winged dove! This is what I want, the high buzz of Stevie’s music, instead of her drug-sloshed lows! Yeah!

I was surprised to find myself impressed with the unfamiliar songs, like the could-be-Tiffany “I Can’t Wait”. Why do so many of Nicks’s solo songs seem to be about teen angst? Wasn’t she pushing 40 when recording them?

The album’s one genuine Fleetwood track, “Silver Springs”, is an often overlooked gem and an excellent selection. While it doesn’t make it onto Fleetwood Mac compilations or airplay all that often, hearing it on a Stevie Nicks compilation really highlights how distinct she is solo. It also confirms a Fleetwoodism I’ve long suspected: their songs are sometimes wretched—until they start rocking at the end! That makes me hate them less than I should!

But after “Silver Springs” we get fake Fleetwood! Crystal Visions serves up the monotonous Deep Dish version of “Dreams” and some live, Judy Garland-slurred version of “Rhiannon” that don’t make good selections anywhere.

After that I ejected the CD. Even though Crystal Visions was only half over. That’s OK; I get to pretend Crystal Visions is a good CD and Don Henley gets to pretend I listened to his contribution. Smiles for everyone!

Or I could just buy a used copy of Timespace and get her hits without the Deep Dish covers or live nonsense. Whatever….