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Music Takes Me…Where, Exactly?

Posted in Dance,Music Reviews,Stonebridge by M on July 7, 2007

Stonebridge - Music Takes Me

There’s a new Stonebridge album on its way: Music Takes Me! Due to be released next week, it is instead widely available for your illegal downloading pleasure. Fire up those torrents!

Music Takes Me is absolutely worth your time. Stonebridge pours his Nordic SmoothTM over each track, just like he did with his previous full length Can’t Get Enough. The new album is just as listenable—however, it may be only one-quarter of a great album.

But what a quarter! The first three tracks are killer! The title track is a very strong start. It’s breathy vocals are more breath than vocal, letting Stonebridge’s production take command immediately. Plus, the silky rhythm of “Music Takes Me” and “Close to Heaven” reveal just how nasty and insistent the beats of the third track—the megahit, Erire Obano-blessed single “S.O.S.”—really are. Stonebridge shows these songs off at their best.

After that? Nine perfectly respectable tracks that don’t have nearly the same magic.

That’s not as bad as it sounds: any song from this album could hold its own mixed at a club—or even in track order as background music driving on the freeway or fucking. Butnone of the tracks retain any distinction; they don’t announce or inform any of the forthcoming music.

Big deal, right? Top singles on an unexciting album are still top singles. And Stonebridge’s production is still as smooth and soft as tracing your finger over the top of a hotel room pillow. Music Takes Me has lots to enjoy, so get out there and enjoy it!

Bonus Questions From Illegal Downloaders With No Liner Notes: Is Therese on this album? Is DaYeene? If they are, I can’t place them. And they helped make Stonebridge the success he is today! Don’t forget the ladies, man!

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Erire Obano!

Posted in Dance,Erire Obano,Paul Emanuel,Seamus Haji,Stonebridge by M on June 23, 2007

I just found out there is a God: Erire be thy name!

Erire Obano

Yes, I was overjoyed to discover that singer/songwriter Erire Obano not only provides the golden-delicious vocals for Stonebridge‘s “S.O.S.”, but also for the profoundly awesome Haji and Emanuel cover of “Take Me Away”. As you’re aware, I have pledged a blood oath in defense of both of these songs. Imagine my joy to find that they benefited from the talents of the same fair maiden!

Obano’s voice is filled with uncontained enthusiasm; her words leak warmth during the verses before giving way to a flood of pure, concentrated optimism in vocal form. She’s a knockout!

According to her bio, Obano is Nigerian-Irish. Meanwhile Seamus Haji is an Irish-Indian Londoner. Ireland is officially now the world’s coolest melting pot.

Sadly, I don’t know how to pronounce Obano’s name, so I just rhyme it with “Kyrie Eleison” like Mr. Mister. I’m sure she and her top-shelf producers can make even that song a legitimate dancefloor hit.

Stonebridge and Therese

Posted in Dance,Digital Dog,Stonebridge,Therese by M on May 18, 2007

Pardon my absence. I have spent the last few weeks pitting two of my most prized musicians against each other in a battle for my soul.

The two artists? Swedish all-stars Stonebridge and Therese. Once partners on phenomenally hot songs like “Put ‘Em High” and “Time”, they are now going head to head with two separate singles: “S.O.S.” and “Feelin’ Me”.

Both songs feature deliciously high female vocals, nonsense exclamations, and artery-bursting beats. Top-shelf efforts by both! However, “Feelin’ Me” grew on me more and more, until I couldn’t go anywhere without purring to myself: “Driven by your love, I just wanna—UH!”

The people to thank for Therese’s success this outing are the boys of Digital Dog. I’ve enjoyed their past work, but this is their first stratospheric success. Keep up the good work!

Also check out the official “Feelin’ Me” music video on YouTube, where her record label calls her “Queen of the Swedish Dance Mafia.”

So if Therese is the de-facto Michael Corleone, does that make Stonebridge Sonny? Or Fredo?

Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather

Don’t ask Therese about her business!