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When I Drop Beats I’m The One Man Band Man!

Posted in Hip-Hop,James Taylor,Starbucks,Swizz Beatz by M on November 30, 2007

Starbucks continues its musical necromancy by issuing a new James Taylor compilation!

James Taylor - One Man Band

James Taylor, a One Man Band man? Where have we heard that before…?

That Swizz Beatz/Deerhoof mash-up from a couple months ago made me very happy. And from the filename—“Someone’s swizz-deerhoof mash up we found”—it seems like the remix was an equally unexpected delight for the band itself.

Is it any wonder that James Taylor seems to be crying out for the same treatment? His title is almost identical to Swizz’s—it’s his own personal Bat Signal! We can only hope this mystery remixer will add the Swizz touch to Taylor’s mellow guitar.

Besides, “Your Smiling Face” makes for a killer sample.

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