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Rilo Horny

Posted in Rilo Kiley,Rock,The Cribs by M on July 12, 2007

The Cribs have emerged as one of the less annoying examples of sibling rock with their single “Men’s Needs”. It’s a fun little song, but most of the attention they’ve gotten in the past few weeks is for the fully nude woman in their video.

The freely available video pretends to some modesty. Meanwhile their record label peddles the uncensored version as a paid download—they’re treating their music like it is pornography.

So for their new song, how can veteran rock darlings Rilo Kiley top that? Fill their video with actual porn stars.

Two porn stars in an embrace from Rilo Kiley's The Moneymaker

Unlike the crybaby commenters at Brooklyn Vegan, I’m not so worried about what “The Moneymaker” portends for Jenny and the boys. Sure, the song has none of the warmth we know Rilo Kiley has in their repertoire, but it’s hardly as cold or monotonous as it’s made out to be.

You want to know what is monotonous? Banal, life-story interviews with porn stars that last longer than the song itself. They aren’t interesting. They aren’t attractive. They’re not naked, either. We see more skin from the considerably more luscious Jenny Lewis, and that’s really just because of a slightly higher hemline.

Jenny Lewis in Rilo Kiley's The Moneymaker

Boys, you’ve already got a beautiful woman in your videos; you don’t need to resort to Lebowski-esque porn parody. At least you didn’t go the full route of erotic desperation and change your name to The Hooters

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