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Chrismukkah Is Canceled!

Posted in Pop,The OC by M on January 5, 2007

The OC Soundtrack, Mix 1

Sayonara, OC!

The horny teen drama has been canceled, leaving me without my much-needed Peter Gallagher fix!

More importantly, without The OC, what happens to the constellation of pretty-boy, power-pop, emo-licious music groups looking for television exposure? Rolling Stone’s Lauren Gitlen above goes into detail about The OC’s commitment to up-and-coming artists. I knew musicians were constantly making guest appearances, but I had no idea how far this dedication went. There have been no less than six OC Soundtracks!

Gitlin mentions a few other shows that employ pop musicians, but is there anything short of a Dawson’s Creek prequel that can keep teen music on TV alive? MTV has long since abdicated their duties to music on television. The WB is now some mutated Tyra Banks network. Even The Garden State Soundtrack Tour is now a thing of the past.

The moral of this story? Where can I turn to find music that will endear me to 16 year old girls?