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Is That My Mother On The Phone?

Posted in Rock,The Police by M on February 11, 2007

The cover of The Police album Synchronicity in a record bin.

Ay ay ay! La Policía!

The lame-ass Grammy Awards this evening will host a decades-in-the-making Police Reunion! In anticipation of the event, our URGH operatives have acquired the band’s setlists!

That’s right! It seems each member of the band has created his own setlist. Which one will we see tonight? Take a look and place your bets!


  1. “Roxanne” (but no falsetto)
  2. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” (sucky 1986 version)
  3. “Fields of Gold”
  4. That “I dream of rain, alay alay” song I did with that Algerian Guy.
  5. “Love Theme from Dune”
  6. That song Puff Daddy stole from us.
  7. “Would I Lie To You?”
  8. Wait, that was the Eurythmics.
  9. Let’s do it anyway.

Andy Summers

  1. “Mother”
  2. “Mother”
  3. “Mother”
  4. “Omegaman”
  5. “Mother”
  6. “Mother”
  7. “Walking on the Moon” (But no vocals.)

Stewart Copeland

  1. “Baby, I Love Your Way/Free Bird Medley” featuring Will to Power
  2. That’s it.
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