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…The Bad, and The Queen

Posted in Pop,Queen Elizabeth II,Tori Amos by M on May 6, 2007

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

You know it’s bad when I see a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and think: “Fuck this Tori Amos bullshit!

Sorry your Majesty!

Tori Amos as Pip.

What’s with these American Doll Posse alter-egos of Tori, anyway? Putting on different wigs and typing inexplicable nonsense just makes her seem like…plain old Tori Amos. Or Gloria Estefan.

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Top Three Foot Fetish Music Videos Of All Time

Posted in Madonna,Music Videos,Pop,Rock,Tori Amos,U2 by M on February 5, 2006

Number Three: Tori Amos – “A Sorta Fairytale”

Tori Amos as a foot creature riding a skateboard

Number Two: Madonna – “Like A Prayer”

Madonna kissing Black Jesus's feet

Number One: U2 – “Numb”

The Edge having feet rubbed in his face