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More Icky Than Thump

Posted in Led Zeppelin,Rock,White Stripes by M on June 21, 2007

Meg White seems to all but campaign for a stylistic comparison to Led Zeppelin‘s dear, departed Bonzo. It’s especially obvious on the White Stripes‘s current “Icky Thump” single, which contains a concentrated dose of your weekly recommended dosage of “Black Dog” drum fills.

Even so, I’m surprised Pitchfork snatched Meg’s bait and unloaded a double-whammy dis—on both Meg and Bonham!

Meg White once again puts the lie to the theory that John Bonham like totally made Led Zeppelin bro, squeezing the most from her limited repertoire and unsteady tempo …

And that’s supposed to be a compliment!

I’m not sure which is worse: Meg White making John Bonham look bad? Or Meg White making Jason Bonham look good!

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