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The Look, The Lips, The Tits, The Taste!

Posted in Dance,Hed Kandi,Mason,Music Reviews,Princess Superstar by M on March 8, 2007

A scene from the bootleg video for Mason vs Princess Superstar Perfect (Exceeder)

A month ago I acquired a delicious Hed Kandi compilation. The last few such compilations were snoozy, indistinguishable house collections, but Hed Kandi Twisted Disco proved to be delicious fun! Even an unnecessary remake of “Party All The Time” doesn’t harsh the buzz!

One standout was a track called “Perfect (Exceeder)” by Mason vs Princess Superstar. Not until last week did I discover: this is a mash-up!

Mason’s recent vocal-free “Exceeder” has become a conjoined twin to Princess Superstar’s late-2005 release “Perfect,” and the match is delectable. Think about what happened when Phunk Investigation got their hands on The Ones“Flawless” and you have an idea of the diva goodness I’m talking about. “Exceeder” has bouncy synths on top of a body fortified with the bass sounds house grew up on. Mason’s got some muscle! Add in Princess Superstar’s spoiled-girl vocals and the pair are ready to hit the beach and kick sand in a nerd’s face! Check out the “bootleg” video on Princess Superstar’s site.

Run out and import this Hed Kandi compilation now. And even though I don’t know what the original version of “Perfect” sounds like, import that, too!

Bonus Version of Exceeder: A dance interpretation of the song by somebody’s iDog!

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