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A Pain That I’m Abused To

Posted in Depeche Mode,Goldfrapp,Music Reviews by M on December 5, 2005

Oh, Jesus! This Depeche Mode remix by Bitstreamis terrible! It’s just boops and beeps! What could be worse than this?

A screenshot of iTunes playing A Pain That I'm Used To (Goldfrapp Remix) by Depeche Mode

Aw, hell! More Goldcrap!

It’s worse than it looks. Not only does Alison filter Dave Gahan’s voice through a robot vocoder, but she overdubs her own harmony, making this the Gahan/Goldfrapp duet you never wanted to hear!

Please kill me!

Bonus Masochism: Fast forward to the time pictured above to hear what sounds like Beck throwing up!

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More Like GoldCRAP!

Posted in Dance,Goldfrapp by M on September 20, 2005


Goldfrapp and Benassi team up? I’m sure that will respect my subwoofer…

Obligatory Music Blog Comment: Yeah yeah, “Ooh La la” sounds like Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”. Who knows what further selections from the Wayne’s World 2 soundtrack Alison will steal next?